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otti SaaS presents a clean interface that brings your effort to center stage. Making PNR's less challenging and time consuming with a clear and simple workflow. Supporting Amadeus, Worldspan and Sabre, otti SaaS reduces time spent searching and allows more time to sell.

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FeaturesTools that deliver quickly

From startup to enterprise, otti SaaS tools provide a solution for every team and company unleash their pull potential.

Privacy & Security

Data Privacy by Design

Security. Privacy. Protection

otti SaaS is built following the GDPR core concepts: Privacy and Security by Design and by Default. We’re applying GDPR standards to all data not just EU personal data. All our partners are GDPR compliant.

Pnr Decoder

PNR Decoder

Quality. Speed. Performance

Takes your difficult PNR's and turns them into clean, effortless and user-friendly output tables. Quick to recognize passengers name, flight number, airline and service class. Simply copy and paste into email template or web base. Reduces time and improves communication of travel plans.

Task Manager

Task Manager

Plan. Track. Organize

Better communicate among all individuals involved in your business. Be productive and never forget important dates like void and cancellations periods. By using our Task Manager you will be able to prioritize and always stay on track with yours and your team's tasks.

Booking Management

Booking Management

Automate. Track. Measure

Keep your booking flow under control. From offer to booking, invoicing and everything between or after, otti helps you to stay organized and proactive for your customers. Remove endless mail threads by using our Booking Flow. Let otti do the heavy lifting for you.



Create. Customize. Comunicate

Email or push notifications are real-time updates that can be triggered for a number of reasons. Internal notifications are great for keeping agents informed with timely and relevant content. Don't like our templates? create your own or ask us to create it for you.

White Label

White Label

Make it your own

Introduce your company logo and match corporate colors. Remove, edit and modify information automatically, append Terms and Conditions, add email signatures and more. Contact us for more details.

otti SaaS adopts pay-as-you-go approach

Based on your use case, otti SaaS offers the next standard pricing plans:

  1. 25 $ / user (Portal)
  2. 0.045 $ per flight status (API only)
  3. 0.050 $ per decoded GDS enhanced data (API only)
  4. 0.032 $ per non-GDS flight. (API, Manual Input)
Request a complimentary consultation to learn more about otti SaaS features.

IntegratedTechnologies and Services

otti SaaS integrates seamlessly with your existing services and applications such as:

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